So this is it, the very lovely publication that is TIME. 
... and if you flick through the pages and happen upon the very nice short by Rahima Hall - Inland there you may well find these done by me and my Bic ...
Storms In The Boundless Sky
All Golden In The Morning Light
... and a couple of others as a matter of fact. These two are going to be up on the wall at The Drink Shop & Do for a little while too along with some of other works from the book so you can go and have a look at 'em you know, bigger. Actually I think they're for sale too so you could have one.

Anyway most importantly you should get yourself a copy of the book, and you can HERE. plus there you'll find a bit more of a peak inside. And I really do urge (and I'm not often one for urging) you to get a copy because you will not only be getting yourself a good read but also supporting a really great independent publishers Lazy Gramophone and in turn their happy band of contributors like me.

Yes that's right a joke that doesn't really work in either Spanish or English! (Rana being Frog, Sapo Toad, see..?.....parp) Anyway evidently it's go go go over here cos I've just done this for the new MOOKS reglier 'Draw....' thing. This time it's Draw Futurama, a programme for which I am quite fond. Loads of possibilities but eventually I plumped for this....
Check in HERE for the regularly updating full list of entries or you can follow developments on twitter with #DrawFuturama and even enter one yourself.
Hello. Here's a picture of two lovely chaps looking very proud. They're proud because they've made quite a brilliant film and the really good news is that it's currently doing the rounds so you can go and see it for yourself. It's called Dead Cat as you can probably see and all the details of where it's screening are HERE.

Oh yeah and I done that poster.





So here's the thing, I used to work at what can only be described as 'probably definitely two of the best record shops in all of the world' Flashback Records in London and in order to celebrate International Independent Record Store Day on the Saturday 20th April they asked me to design a badge that they could give out on the day. So I did and this is it ....
And the best part of it is they're FREE! No doubt they'll be quite a buzz down there on the day, loads of amazing RSD stuff on sale and DJs and bands playing and generally a bit of an all day wahoo celebration of flat spinny musical things.

There's two stores in London .... here in lovely, sleepy, mad drunk filled, Crouch End....
144 Crouch Hill, Crouch End, London, N8 9DX

...and 'The Mother Ship' on good old fashioned, wahay the lads, Essex Road....
50 Essex Road, Islington, London, N1 8LR
....and they'll be loads of other stuff going on in the other grand independent record shops of London and indeed the world. 

p.s. Credit to the very good Ossie Hirst for the badge wording, he'll be there at Essex Road so you can congratulate him in person.
Che, que estas haciendo ahora? Are you living in Buenos Aires? Are you visiting any time soon? You are? Really?! De verdad? Oh ... Well good then, perfecto, because you can pop by this lovely little shop and look at these little notebooks kindly put together for me (and the missus) by the extremely talented Leandro Jacob and being sold EXCLUSIVELY at the very excellent Salmón Tienda: Cabello 3629. Maybe you might even want to buy one. 
Up to you. 
Not all mine I should point out, just the three in the middle and the one at the back but the other stuffs nice too isn't it look ('Tao' and the one behind 'Sueño' also Leandro's work actually). While we're at they're also the sole stockist (in the whole of our planet world) of whats left of our bags and cards so there's that too. Exclusive indeed. Cheers. Gracias (grassy ass).
Woah there! Nearly forgot to mention, I FOUND MORE COLOURED BIROS! So by way of celebrating and being a bit festive I contributed this to the fine bunch of Grinches at The Mooks: Draw Grinch page. Been following this little website for a while and it always seems to come up trumps with its "Draw..." collections so I figured it was about time I got involved. The previous Draw Calvin and Hobbes is very brills. 
I've been working on a series of images of volcanoes.    Here's some of them. 
As you can see I thought I'd have a crack at working in colour for a change and still sticking with the good old Lazlo Biro these are all done using the green, blue, red and black varieties. I'd like to say they were done with one of them all-in-one multi-changer type ones, but that would be a lie. As you can see they're kind of  'small'  but you can click on those bottom three for a closer look. This one on the other hand is small even like that so you here's a little detail thumbnail which you can click on and make go big. You get the idea.
Thought it might be nice to share a few pages from my sketchbooks. Here's the first one: Ideas that either did or may still end up as larger pieces. That's it really. Hope you're doing ok. 
Lots of love Tom The Pen
What's Giclée?!

Well, i
t's sort of French for 'nozzle' for a start and for seconds it's a very nice way of printing things and my good friends at Lazy Gramophone have very kindly added a set of my illustrations to there catalogue of available A6 Art Cards.

You can see for youself HERE
or you can click the image on right.


..... and while we're at it you can also pick up an A4 Giclée print of 'Jetty' exclusively with a 4 other works from Lazy Gramophone artists HERE.
_Anyway, there you go, why not get yourself a few Nozzle prints for Crimbo.